Wharfedale now with quality mark

WebwinkelKeur has approved Wharfedale for reliable online sales. It is very important that consumers can shop safely online. Wharfedale has various quality marks such as Home guarantee en Webshop quality mark compared and Wharfedale is convinced that Webwinkelkeur is the best and most modern quality mark.


With the function such as sending personalized emails, giving reviews and the quick contact convinced us that WebshopKeur. With more than 6000 affiliated websites, we have a reliable partner that is ready for the future. Rate easily and quickly! And don't forget to give tips, because we go for excellent service with a great website. Below is the official recognition from Webshopkeur! 



wharfedale is affiliated with WebwinkelKeur.

Wharfedale has passed the WebwinkelKeur inspection. This means that Wharfedale complies with all the most important European and Dutch regulations in the field of distance selling.


We proudly carry this seal of approval because it underlines Wharfedale's reliability.


It doesn't end with approval alone. WebwinkelKeur is a modern quality mark that continuously monitors the reliability of its members. For example, consumers can submit complaints and they can (publicly) assess the affiliated web stores. As a consumer, you therefore have extra security with an online store that is affiliated with this quality mark.


As an independent party, WebwinkelKeur guarantees the authenticity of customer reviews and the reliability of its members. In short, another reason to buy from Wharfedale.

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