• More about the Aura series

    More about the Aura series

    Aura represents the latest leap forward in Wharfedale's impressive line of speakers. The design and technological features are inspired by the famous Elysian series. A groundbreaking model, Aura not only challenges standards of value, but delivers unparalleled performance, captured in every detail, bringing the energy and excitement of your music collection to life. All of this...
  • How do I place my speakers?

    How do I place my speakers?

    As music lovers and we at Wharfedale all understand that having high quality speakers is the key to a great sound experience. But did you know that how you position your speakers is just as important as the speakers themselves? The ideal placement of speakers can make the difference between just listening and being completely immersed in the music. In this blog you will find out where...
  • Discover bookshelf speakers

    Discover bookshelf speakers

    Bookshelf speakers, does that sound like a new concept to you? Or are you already familiar with these compact, versatile sound components? Regardless of your experience, let's dive into the world of bookshelf speakers and discover why they are a fantastic choice for any music lover. Compact powerhouses Bookshelf speakers are, as the name suggests, compact in size. They are considerably smaller than their...
  • Wharfedale at the Dutch Audio Event

    Wharfedale at the Dutch Audio Event

    It's that time of year again when audiophiles and music lovers come together to discover the latest and greatest audio products. We are of course talking about the Dutch Audio Event, an annual event that is a real treat for anyone who loves audio. And this year it is with great pleasure that we announce that Wharfedale will also be attending! What stands...
  • The importance of impedance

    The importance of impedance

    In this blog we address an important topic that can significantly influence the quality of your sound experience: impedance. Impedance is an electrical property of a loudspeaker, expressed in ohms, that indicates how much resistance the loudspeaker offers to the current flowing through it. Understanding impedance is crucial when connecting speakers to an amplifier, as it can lead to both…
  • Wharfedale's role in loudspeaker design evolution

    Wharfedale's role in loudspeaker design evolution

    In the audio world, Wharfedale is known as a renowned British audio company with an impressive role in the evolution of loudspeakers. The company was founded in 1932 by Gilbert Briggs in the village of Wharfedale, Yorkshire, England. Over the years, Wharfedale has made numerous contributions to the development and improvement of loudspeaker technology. In this blog you can read some of the most important...
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