How do I place my speakers?

As music lovers and we of wharfedale all understand that having high-quality speakers is the key to a great sound experience. But did you know that how you position your speakers is just as important as the speakers themselves? The ideal placement of speakers can make the difference between just listening and being completely immersed in the music. In this blog you will find out what you should pay attention to when installing your speakers.

Distance between speakers and listening position
A crucial factor for impressive stereo reproduction is the careful positioning of your speakers in the listening room. The recommended distance between your left and right speakers should ideally be between 2 and 4 meters. It's a good idea to keep the distance between the listening position and the speakers the same as the distance between the speakers themselves. This creates a so-called "equilateral triangle," which is essential for a balanced sound image. You can also experiment by pointing the speakers slightly inward to see if this improves the stereo image. Always make sure there are no obstacles between the speakers and where you are listening.

Height of the speakers
The height at which you place your speakers is very important. Floor standing speakers can be placed directly on the floor. For bookshelf speakers it is ideal to position them at ear level, which is usually around three feet from the floor when you are listening. Use speaker stands for this or place them on a sturdy bookshelf. In our accessories section you will find different speaker stands to choose from.

Distance from the walls
The distance of your speakers from the walls also affects the sound. If a speaker is placed too close to a corner, the bass will be amplified, which can lead to an overwhelming bass response that is out of proportion to the mids and highs. If you are using a powered subwoofer, you can correct this by turning the subwoofer volume down. For passive speakers without a built-in amplifier, the solution is to remove the speaker from the corner and place it freely in the listening room. Large speakers with powerful bass reproduction should be placed further from the back wall than smaller speakers. It is even possible for small speakers to produce better bass with their backs against the wall.

5 tips for a correct setup

  1. Ideally, place large speakers at least 60cm from the wall.
  2. Avoid placing speakers in corners, with the exception of powered subwoofers.
  3. Form an equilateral triangle between the listening position and the speakers.
  4. Make sure the tweeter of the speakers is at ear height.
  5. Turn the speakers slightly towards the listening position.
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