When Wharfedale's bookshelf speakers are set up to get the best out of them, the bookshelf speakers can give you some of the great sonic aspects of a floorstanding speaker. While you can place a bookshelf speaker on a shelf, they will sound better on a speaker that stands out in the room - very similar to what we described for Wharfedale floorstanding speakers. Here you can find different series. The EVO4 series is much loved by many music listeners.


They will lack the deep bass of a tower, but some models, when paired with a subwoofer, are able to radiate a very large and convincing sound image for music. By using bookshelf speakers with a good subwoofer, you can get pretty close to the sound of a large tower speaker. This combination usually gives you more flexibility in positioning the speakers, which can be great for someone who regularly moves from one house to another. We should point out that if you have a good place for a bookshelf speaker on a stand, there could be a floor speaker that takes up no more floor space than the standing/speaker combo. From a decorative point of view, however, it appears that a bookshelf on a stand takes up less space than a floor-standing speaker with a similar footprint.


The size of the Wharfedale bookshelf speakers can make them seem to disappear more than a tower, giving you a great three-dimensional sound stage when placed on tripods away from your walls. Adding a subwoofer can take the bass load off a smaller bookshelf, which actually improves mid-range performance. We think that if you want the full range of live sound, you want a good subwoofer with your bookshelf speakers, then you should use the Wharfedale subwoofer!


For apartment dwellers, one of the disadvantages of a bookshelf speaker is also an advantage. Their lack of deep bass means they won't disturb your neighbors. With Wharfedale's bookshelf speakers this will usually not be a problem and if you pair it with a subwoofer. You can turn down the subwoofer volume individually for those times when it's important to keep the sound level down.


For home theater situations, bookshelf speakers can be a good choice. They can be built into cabinets on either side of your screen. If you don't have the space or budget for a large floorstanding speaker, a bookshelf speaker, especially when paired with a good subwoofer, can be a great way to listen to your favorite music!

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