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About Wharfedale

The story begins in England in 1932, when Gilbert Briggs built his very first loudspeaker in the basement of his Yorkshire home. This quiet town was situated in the valley of the River 'Wharfe', an area known to this day as 'Wharfedale'. This unlikely location would give birth to a brand that would gain worldwide fame and become synonymous with quality in hi-fi reproduction.
Gilbert Arthur Briggs
Gilbert Arthur Briggs
Gilbert Briggs founded Wharfedale Wireless Works in Yorkshire, England, in 1932 and was a leading figure in the early development of hi-fi loudspeakers. The sleepy market town was in the valley of the river "Wharfe" - an area known to this day as "Wharfedale". Gilbert Briggs continues to be admired and respected worldwide for his pioneering work in hi-fire production and his endless pursuit of better sound quality - driven by his love of live music.
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The products

Wharfedale is known as a legend in the hi-fi industry when it comes to loudspeakers. Some well-known series of Wharfedale are the Diamond series, the EVO series and the Linton series. The sound with attention to detail and quality combined with an incomparable design makes Wharfedale unique. The design of every new speaker is every audiophile's dream.

Instead of using prefabricated components from a catalog, we are able to build a complete vision; to construct each individual component from scratch to achieve harmony in performance and balance

About Wharfedale

The traditionally British brand has the excellence of producing great products with over 85 years of experience. Wharfedale is one of the leading audio brands in England and is known for its innovative speakers with technical highlights.

Wharfedale has won many awards for its famous bookshelf and floorstanding speakers since the first factory. Thanks to Wharfedale's excellent research and development department and strict quality control, high-quality speakers are still produced today.
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