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At, the customer experience is our top priority. To measure these experiences, we are affiliated with webshopkeur, where our customers can share their experience with us and our website visitors. We are therefore very proud of our current rating of a 9.3!


In addition to the possibility that Webwinkelkeur offers to assess us, it monitors and guarantees that online retailers such as us adhere to the rules imposed by the government. This way you are always assured that you can place your order with us with complete certainty.


How's that going?

Like about 9.000 other members, we also use Webwinkelkeur. Webwinkelkeur is a website made for consumer reviews. In addition to the extensive review system, Webwinkelkeur also offers a quality mark, so that the Dutch consumer can see that the company in question is reliable. As just mentioned, we ourselves score a whopping 9.3!


Webwinkelkeur's mission is to reward good entrepreneurship. They also think it is important to make online shopping a lot safer. As a consumer, you can immediately see on the basis of the quality mark whether the company has been checked for strict and fair legal documents.


We are therefore very proud that we as should be part of this.


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