stereo amplifier

Most sound sources output sound in stereo: left and right. stereo amplifiers have two inputs per sound source. The stereo amplifier sends the sound out in two outputs, one for each speaker.

Surround amplifier/receiver

De surround amplifier can also be used as a stereo amplifier. However, it has additional outputs, so that the sound can be broadcast to multiple speakers. This amplifier is especially popular in systems where the home cinema is central.

transistor amplifier

This type uses transistors to translate the electronic signal. Many people describe the sound that is produced with this as less colored compared to a tube amplifier. So more realistic. In addition, they are generally more robust and cheaper.

Tube amp

A tube amplifier translates the electronic signal through tubes. As a result, the sound is often experienced as more colorful and lively, compared to the transistor amplifier. Because it gives a certain character to the sound, it can be described as less realistic. It is up to the listener which preference lies.

Class A amplifier

Amplifiers can be divided into different classes. It is often thought that amplifiers with a higher class offer better sound quality. However, this is not the case. With class A amplifiers, such as those of suggest, the transistors are always conducting. Because current flows through the amplifier constantly, even when no sound is being played, many people experience this as a very nice sound.

Digital amplifier

Digital amplifiers do not use tubes or transistors. They translate the sound via digital components. The incoming sound is digitized and is only translated to analog at the last moment, when it goes to the speakers. Because of this perfect translation, digital amplifiers are generally considered to be very realistic.

Amplifier with DAC

DAC stands for Digital-to-Analog Converter. This type of amplifier is mainly used when digital audio sources are central, such as computer, television and CD. The amplifier converts the incoming ones and zeros into an analog signal.

Receiver with streamer/DAC

Because streaming music is becoming increasingly popular, we see more and more receivers with a streamer and DAC. The streamed music is received digitally and is output with a rich analog sound.

Headphone amplifier

Do you often listen to music through your headphones? Even then you want the best possible sound quality. Many portable music players or telephones do not pass enough voltage to your headphones for high quality sound. The headphones amplifies the electronic signals, on which your sound is significantly less distorted and therefore sounds better.

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