A DAC is not the most well-known part of a hi-fi installation, but it can often play a crucial role. The chance that you already have a DAC at home is almost certain. Every product with an analog output has a DAC. Think, for example, of smartphones, tablets, wireless speakers, Bluetooth headphones and televisions.


But what exactly does a DAC do? DAC stands for Digital to Analog Converter. A DAC converts digital signals into analogs. This is necessary when listening to digital streams. Think of music files, CD player that are digitally connected or the sound that comes from your TV via an HDMI connection or an optical output.


Why should you buy a separate DAC? This is very simple. A separate DAC delivers a lot better quality than DACs that are built into smartphones or computers. This has to do with several things. A DAC in a computer will be a cheap component. In addition, it is very close to other components in the area. This increases the risk of malfunctions. This will result in lower quality.


There are two scenarios where an external DAC is interesting. Mobile use on one side. These are small variants of DACs that replace the DAC that is in your smartphone. Take as an example the PDAC. You connect them digitally, which will ensure a much better conversion of the digital stream. This will result in much better sound quality. The fact that everything is external ensures less interference. In addition, the DACs are often combined products. They are often not only DACs, but also headphone amplifiers. Take the PDAC as an example. This in turn will result in a better result when you use headphones from a higher segment. High-end headphones are often more demanding and are often not properly powered by the relatively inexpensive headphone amplifier in your smartphone.


A DAC is also very interesting at home. Both if you use speakers and headphones. When should you buy a DAC? It may not be the first purchase you have to make when you put together a music system. The amplifiers and speakers are the first priority. A DAC can take a pretty good hi-fi system to a high level. Especially if you have the feeling that your CD player sends out an insufficient analog signal. We recommend a DAC to your
hi-fi system which is on the same level as the rest of your set.


When purchasing a DAC, it is very important to look at the DAC chip that is incorporated in the DAC. Let Wharfedale just have a number of awards with theM-DAC have won in this area. It is also important to look at the whole of your hi-fi system. The DAC must fit into the system you want to add the DAC to.

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