As the name implies, there are floor speakers (also called tower loudspeakers) on the floor or on an attached support pillar. Speakers are described as 2-way, 3-way, 4-way. This is a description of the number of speaker drivers that pass the different audio frequencies. While it's hard to generalize that a 4-way speaker is better than a 2-way speaker, a speaker with more drivers allows the speaker designer to use the components for a smaller frequency range, which can result in better performance. and more accurate performance.


Music covers a very wide range of frequencies and there is almost no substitute for size when it comes to being able to reproduce the deep bass tones in the music. The larger size also results in an increase in efficiency, measuring how much amplifier power it takes to get them to a given sound pressure level. Efficiency is measured in dB (Decibels) and you usually see something like one watt of power on one meter a speaker produces a sound pressure level of 88db. The higher this number is, the less power is needed to drive the speaker. In general, more efficient speakers will give a greater sense of contrasts in the dynamics of the music. That sense of great dynamics with Wharfedale speakers gives your music more of a real life feel.


If you go to a live concert, you have probably experienced that feeling of a wall of sound. Live instruments sound big! A large, upright speaker is much closer to reproducing this large sound presentation than a smaller pair of speakers. With large, upright speakers, you simply get that feeling of a live performance. When properly placed in your room, Wharfedale speakers can also give you an amazing three-dimensional sound stage. This means you can close your eyes and point to each of the musicians. This kind of audio experience is quite amazing with a great recording.


If you're entering the world of home cinema, our floorstanding speakers can also be a great choice. They can flank your large flat screen TV or projection screen.

Due to their large size, the floorstanding speakers are not suitable for every environment and person. Unless you hide them behind a false wall of acoustic material (which works great for home theater by the way) you will see them. Fortunately, Wharfedale is starting to focus on the style, and for some of us we really like the look of it.

Most floorstanding speakers perform best when they are not placed properly against a wall. This means that you will usually want to place them about 12-18" in your room for the best performance.

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