• Everything about the Wharfedale EVO 4.4, 5.1 kit

    Everything about the Wharfedale EVO 4.4, 5.1 kit

    The well-known EVO 4 series from Wharfedale is now also available in a 5.1 home cinema package. In this blog you will learn everything about this, and you can conclude whether it is a good match for you. About the EVO 4 range The EVO range is in the mid range of Wharfedale with the Diamond range below and the Elysians above. Although...
  • What should you pay attention to when purchasing speakers?

    What should you pay attention to when purchasing speakers?

    There are a number of points that should be paid attention to when purchasing speakers, such as the specifications, the space where they will be placed and the range. In this blog, all points will be explained in detail and the choice for the right speakers will be made easier for you. Specifications It is very important that your speakers and your amplifier are compatible...
  • Diamond 12.3 review

    Diamond 12.3 review

    The Wharfedale Diamond 12.3 is the most compact floorstanding loudspeaker in the Diamond 12 series. With more presence and power, the 12.3s are refined, affordable speakers that make the perfect front pair for a 2-channel hi-fi system or an impressive home theater system. The Diamond 12.3s are equipped with two high-quality 130mm KlarityTM drivers for an impressive yet refined mid-frequency and have therefore won an award. This time it's...
  • A review about the Elysian 4

    A review about the Elysian 4

    The Elysian 4 speakers are the result of years of research and development at Wharfedale. These beautiful, high-quality floorstanding loudspeakers embrace everything Wharfedale is looking for; a no-compromise, beautifully designed loudspeaker that combines craftsmanship with the latest audio technologies. The Elysian 4 loudspeakers are a true example of luxury audio and have therefore once again received positive reviews. This time a review by Andrew Robinson, in which...
  • Why do I need a speaker stand?

    Why do I need a speaker stand?

    When you buy a bookshelf speaker, you want to get the best sound out of it. Not only is it important to find the right amplifier or receiver, but the placement of the speakers is also important to get the best quality out of your equipment. But how do you place your speakers to get the best quality? We know the answer! First, it's...
  • Do you already have an account?

    Do you already have an account?

    You are not obliged to create an account to place an order, it only offers you extra benefits. We do this by regularly updating our website and listening to customer feedback. How can you create an account? It's easy to create an account, just go to our homepage and click on the person icon next to...
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