Get the most out of your favorite film, Docu or TV drama thanks to the serious soundbar and Subwooferco from Wharfedale, Vista 200S. Never miss a minute action, a single line dialogue or the full impact of every high impact explosion. Vista is true immersion, pure escapism and the ultimate relaxation. With a slim design that fits seamlessly in every homely aesthetics, this is the home theater selection if you don't have a 5.1 surround room.

The Soundbars of Wharfedale deliver a considerable sonic upgrade despite the low-profile design and by the modest price tag. Located on a TV standard or on the wall, its smart, glossy black finish always looks like a part.


Smart audio tailored to your needs!

Behind the metal speaker grille there is a few high-quality dynamic drivers, which are placed on either side of the sound bar to guarantee a spatial stereo sound and are supplemented with two reflex ports to support the bass response. These drivers are powered by a stere frame of 2x30 watts, so a sound is produced that is very detailed but still tonal rich - a powerful, very comprehensible delivery that ensures that the voices are clear, the sound effects are impactful and the music is full and engaging.

In addition, three equalizer settings with the 'Film', 'Music' and 'News' label ensure a certain degree of sound coordination on what the user also looks at or listens. In addition to the SoundBars you can also view the very neat bookshelf speakers.

Connecting the Sound Bars from Wharfedale to a TV is easy. There are three digital inputs: HDMI (ARC), optical and coaxial. There is also a 3.5 mm analog input, which means that you can connect a TV (or an audio device) via an RCA or headphone output.

The Soundbars of Wharfedale also have a built-in Bluetooth system, which allows users to link devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops and can take advantage of the rich, room-filling sound of the sound bar when streaming music or watching video content.

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