Unprecedentedly Popular Diamond 11 Series!

The Diamond series is and remains a great series, in which a clear common thread continues to date through the design. The quality is improved time and time again and with the right price strategy, Wharfedale ensures that everyone can enjoy beautiful sound.


The Diamond 12 series is about to enter the market that results in a fall in price for the Diamond 11 series. For you as a consumer a great development, never before you could get a premium sound for this prize. Up to and including November, a discount of 15% cash register discounts applies on top of the current price of the Diamond 11 series. Discount code companies: Diamond11. It is not possible to combine this discount with other current actions.


Not convinced of the Diamond series?

Read the various reviews written by third parties about the series. We have described a fraction of the plus points for you.


The Diamond 11 Series Speakers are equipped with solid magnetic designs to increase both sensitivity and to ensure absolute control over the cone movement on the lower bass frequencies. In addition, the use of a specially formed single forged pole piece with copper cap controls the magnetic flux and ensures low distortion in the critical midrange area. An interesting and striking physical characteristic of 11.1 is its curved body. It runs back from the shot and looks almost carried out by the wind. It is a very nice effect and can contribute to the overall natural and flexible sound.


look at here A video of the designers of the entire Diamond 11 series.

look at here A video about what the experts say about the Diamond 11 series.

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