Elysian 4 review

Wharfedale has known a nice and extensive range for years. For example, the Wharfedale range has both the smaller Wharfedale Diamond 12.0 speakers and the large speakers such as the Elysian 4.


Because Wharfedale sells many smaller speakers, these are also often eligible for different budget prices. However, Wharfedale is not silent and in addition to the relatively smaller speakers, Wharfedale also has a somewhat larger lighting speakers.


In this way we want to introduce you to the new high-end Elysian series, which consists of the Elysian 2 and the Elysian 4.


We are happy to announce that the Elysian 4 is a 5-star review of What-Hifi? have received. We are of course extremely proud of this review with a lot of information and various important plus points.


For example, the Elysian 4 has an impressive bass range and agility, excellent construction and finish and finally about a huge sonic scale.

You will find this and much more information here In the 5-star review about The Wharfedale Elysian 4.


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