New Diamond 12 series

But the whole new Diamond 12 series is the best Diamond series so far! Developed in collaboration with Karl-Heinz Fink - one of the most successful speaker designers in the world. Classic Diamond price points, industrial design that is cool and contemporary, yet clear wharfedale, and sound that will again provide a new 'budget' measure by exceptionally acoustic design and technology.


Clarity focuses

New Klarity™ cone material, composed of a mix of polypropylene and mica adds firmness to reduce FL Exing, creating a lightweight cone with a high rigidity, little coloring and a lightning fast response.


Low color and expression

The Klarity™Conus is equipped with a layer of damping edge, which means both low staining and an expressive dynamics being achieved. By simulating many different cone forms and adding ribs for further reinforcement, a flat response curve was achieved without resorting to a strongly damping surround, so that the ideal balance was found.


A magnet from forces

An accurately manufactured magnet system with an aluminum compensation ring to minimize the effect of variations in induction during the course of the speaking coil. This contributes to the absence of distortion and intermodulation generated by the 'motor system'.


A speaking reel outside this class

The speaking coil is wrapped on a powerful coil of epoxy / fiberglass, which is very unusual in speakers of this price level. This has the advantage that it does not add vertebral streams and greater load capacity then provides an aluminum coil, while it is also much more stifier than the Kapton type associated with this price range.


Diamond highlights

The dome of 25 mm is made from a woven polyester foil with a high-loss coating to deliver open and even extended high frequencies. The magnet system and the front plate are optimized for broad distribution and uncompressed behavior. The front plate is flat and exposes the dome as much as possible; Only a very short tube on the front plate compensates the acoustic load and improves the SPL (sound pressure level) measurement.

A crossover of style

The crossover network uses an acoustic LKR 24DB topology. This includes inductors with air core of the type that is found more often in high-quality speakers, which have been selected because they produce the lowest distortion of all inductor types. Because the resistance of the coil is higher than that of a standard laminated steel or ferrite core inductor, the magnetic structure of the MID / BASS driver is adapted to compensate for this, resulting in a fast, pure bass without distortion of the inductor.


Sturdy and honest

The housing with gate at the rear of the diamond 12.1 is exactly dimensioned so that the internal volume works in harmony with the drive system to deliver the desired sonic result. A multilayer sandwich design mutes the recognizable features of the 'sound' of the cupboard. Even the resonant properties of the glue between the layers were measured to determine the optimum combination.



In the cabinet, Intelligent Spot Bracing connects opposite walls with a specific shape of wooden bracket to achieve optimum reduction in cupboard resonance. These brackets are precisely modeled by computers simulation to improve the everyday 'figure of eight' bracket, which can easily transfer resonance from one wall to another.


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