More about the Aura series

Aura represents the latest leap forward in Wharfedale's impressive line of speakers. The design and technological features are inspired by the famous Elysian series. A groundbreaking model, Aura not only challenges standards of value, but delivers unparalleled performance, captured in every detail, bringing the energy and excitement of your music collection to life. All this comes with a price tag that defies class.

Wharfedale Aura

The Aura tweeter
Featuring the acclaimed Wharfedale AMT transducer, each Aura speaker emits stunning high-frequency definition. Unlike conventional diaphragms, the AMT transducer does not move like a piston, which prevents response blurring. The folded diaphragm with conductive elements in a powerful magnetic field results in a wide frequency range, extremely low distortion and exceptional musical details with sparkling speed and dynamic power.

Aura drivers
Following on from the successful design of the Wharfedale Elysian series, where the AMT transducer set the standard, Aura features a proprietary woven fiberglass matrix diaphragm for the mid and bass. These are driven by voice coils in high flux magnetic fields, regulated by copper-clad pole pieces.

Mounted on a cast aluminum chassis with six heavy-duty bolts for structural rigidity, they provide accurate transient response. The rubber trim rings control resonances at the intersection of the aluminum chassis and the wooden cabinet.

The Aura crossover
The crossover, essential for any speaker, divides the frequency band between bass, midrange and treble. Wharfedale, a pioneer in this field, uses optimized drive units.

With 90 years of experience and guidance from crossover architect Peter Comeau, the advanced crossover networks are carefully refined through listening tests for a seamless mix between the drive units. Top quality acoustically transparent components are used, as with all Wharfedale series, to make every musical detail audible.

Wharfedale's SLPP (Slot Loaded Profiled Port) bass reflex design was developed from the original idea of ​​Gilbert Briggs, the entrepreneur who founded and ran Wharfedale from 1932 to 1964. Aura series, the high-pressure, high-velocity airflow from a downward-facing port is more precisely matched to the low air pressure in the chamber. This is achieved by distributing the airflow through a series of slotted ports in the baseboard.

This innovation port minimizes unwanted turbulence and improves the efficiency of the bass reflex system, an essential feature of Wharfedale.

The Cabinet
De Aura cabinets are works of art in themselves. Available in black, white and walnut veneer with a distinctive grain. Each cabinet is carefully varnished and polished, resulting in a beautiful piece of furniture that you will be proud of, comparable to the considerably more expensive Elysian series.

The smooth curves are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also contribute to smooth distribution of the acoustic output in the room, without unwanted reflections from sharp edges.

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