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British loudspeaker brand Wharfedale has launched a new website to sell its products directly to consumers. An interested party can visit the new website, which can be found at,

of course also use it to collect information for an initial orientation. There is currently an opening discount of ten percent.


Wharfedale loudspeakers now also for sale online

Wharfedale's history begins in 1932 when founder Gilbert Briggs built his very first loudspeaker in the basement of his home in Ilkey, Yorkshire. Speakers have always been the company's core product,

although forays into other products have also been made in the past. If you want to know more about the history of Wharfedale, you can visit the new Wharfedale website.


Wharfedale's current portfolio consists of a mix of modern and classic loudspeakers. Flagship model Elysian looks very different from the Linton. Wharfedale builds floorstanders, monitor speakers,

soundbars, center speakers and subwoofers and both the music lover and the film lover who wants multi-channel sound can therefore find what they are looking for at Wharfedale. Wireless speakers are also part of

Wharfedale's portfolio. The latest product line is the Evo4.


Knowing more? Then look at Oh, and at the moment there is an opening discount of ten percent.



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