EVO4.2 & Audiolab 6000A Play

As you know, Wharfedale has excellent items, from bookshelf speakers to the larger floorstanding speakers. To take the EVO4.2 as an example, this speaker has a unique sound and beautiful appearance, the materials and technologies of the EVO4.2 are on the same level as those of our 'flagship speakers' and that too without an extra boost in price.

We at Wharfedale often get the question: Where exactly can I connect my EVO4.2 to get the best sound? An understandable question that we are going to answer today.

The EVO4.2 is the best by itself due to the connection with a good quality amplifier, we immediately think of the Audiolab 6000A Play. The Audiolab 6000A Play has it all to deliver the perfect sound, from Hi-Res Wi-Fi streaming to pure analog audio.


We at Wharfedale encourage you to take a look at this outstanding collaboration of products.

Click here for the EVO4.2

Click here for the Audiolab 6000A Play


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