A review about the Elysian 4

The Elysian 4 speakers are the result of years of research and development at Wharfedale. These beautiful, high-quality floorstanding speakers embrace everything Wharfedale is looking for; an uncompromising, beautifully designed speaker that combines craftsmanship with the latest audio technologies.

The Elysian 4 speakers are a real example of luxury audio and have therefore once again been positively reviewed. This time a review by Andrew Robinson, in which he shows through a video how good the Elysian 4 loudspeakers are in their class.

In this way we would like to introduce you to the new high-end Elysian series, which consists of the Elysian 2 and the Elysian 4.

'Build quality? It's off the charts! …much of what sets Elysian apart from the competition is 100% due to its build quality.'

Curious about the review? Click here to watch the video!

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