All about the Linton Heritage loudspeakers

One of the most popular wharfedale models is the Linton Heritage loudspeaker. With a rich history dating back to 1965, the Linton has been a favorite among music lovers for over 50 years. And now, with the Linton Heritage, we took everything that made the original so special and improved it in every way.

Wharfedale Linton

Technical Specifications
De Linton Heritage is a 3-way bookshelf speaker with a wide baffle, allowing for a large 200mm Kevlar cone woofer to be mounted on a rigid die-cast chassis. Above that is a 135mm midrange driver, also with a woven Kevlar cone, in its own internal housing. And finally, a 25 mm fabric dome tweeter with a high-quality ferrite magnet takes care of the high frequencies.

But it's not just about the individual components - it's about how they work together. A finely tuned crossover filter ensures smooth sound transitions between these drivers, ensuring a comfortable listening experience both on- and off-axis. The result is a speaker with rich and natural sound quality that really stands out.

Of course, the Wharfedale Linton are not only designed for the sound, but also the design. The Linton Heritage is designed to be a thing of beauty, with a classic yet modern aesthetic that is sure to turn heads. In addition to the speakers matching any audio system, the Lintons are also a real eye-catcher in any interior.

So whether you're a hardcore audiophile or just someone who appreciates good sound and design, the Wharfedale Linton Heritage speaker is sure to impress. Be sure to add it to your audio installation and experience the ultimate in sound quality and style.

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