What should you pay attention to when purchasing speakers?

There are a number of points that should be considered when purchasing speakers such as the specifications, the room where they will be placed and the range. In this blog, all points will be explained in detail and the choice for the right one will be explained in detail speakers be made easier for you.

It is very important that your speakers and your amplifier are attuned to each other, the power of your amplifier plays the most important role in this. So pay close attention to the frequency range, sensitivity and impedance. This is a difficult subject for many consumers, we wharfedale therefore recommend that you contact our customer service for the right match for any questions. You can find the contact details at the bottom of this blog.  

The space
The space also plays a major role in the choice of your speakers, for example the size of your room. Is the space where the speakers will be located relatively small? Then preference is given to bookshelf speakers as these will fill your smaller space enough, although it is useful to have an extra subwoofer purchase so that the bass also comes into its own. In case you have a large space and extra space for floor standing speakers, these are more sensible so that your room is filled with sound.

The range of the speakers
Music varies a lot from song to song, think of your music style. If you listen more to music with voices than its highs for greater importance, or if you listen more to electronic music without voices, loud lows will impress you more. To make the best choice for speakers, you must also take your music style into account.

The range of the speakers can be a bit more difficult to see, for this we recommend contact contact our experts to make the right choice. You can reach Wharfedale during working hours at:

Chat, (response time +/- 1 min) click at the bottom right of your screen: Ask for advice!

Phone, (response time +/- 1 min) number: 0252-745137.

Mail, (response time +/- 2 hours) address: info@wharfedale.eu

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